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Quick Update on life stats

August 18, 2012

I know: BORING. But even though I have many lengthy, thoughtful, blog posts I’ve considered posting here, I have a hard time completing them. Right now I am mostly focused on having the best year possible next year. Lengthy blog posts, meet lazy OnMon. She will inform you of her coming plans for a year of awesome before trying for a babe.

I’ve recently changed positions at work, and starting in September will be working a morning shift five days a week, instead of four overnights. To be frank, it’s very exciting – I had no idea how poorly my body was going to react to overnights when I started over a year ago. As it turns out, it’s been pretty bad. I’ve had a hard time getting anything done in a reasonable amount of time, and am SO TIRED most every day, because my body refuses to stay asleep for more than 5 hours during an average day (usually closer to 4 or 3). Yes, I have light-blocking curtains, and wear sunglasses before bed, and even have hit up the melatonin once in a while to try and prolong sleep. Nothing. Really. Helps. So, a normal work schedule should be an improvement, I hope. This position also offers some self-scheduling flexibility, which MIGHT mean that I can keep working full-time (if I want to) after XY and I have kids! And there’s lots of other advantages, too, relating to autonomy and workload. Mostly it’s just a good thing to look forward to.

Other news: I’m going to be an auntie! My bro and his love are expecting their first at the beginning of 2013, and the whole family could not be more excited. Of course I’m giving them all sorts of unsolicited, non-experienced parent advice. Luckily they know what to expect from me and aren’t too sick of talking baby-and-preggers stuff yet. I even have plans for presents to be made in the coming year…we’ll see whether the DIY bug gets the best of me yet.

In light of all these changes, I’ve made some changes to my goals for the coming months. In improving my health pre-conception, I’d really like to work on building bone mass through regular exercise (my goal is 20 minute runs 5 times a week), and improving my core so I will have super-strong muscles ready for the “marathon of labor” (I’m also seriously considering the Gyne-Flex for “resistance-Kegels”, ’cause who doesn’t love an ultra-powerful vagina?). I’ve also switched my vitamins from Cod Liver Oil to a fish oil Omega3 supplement and a separate capsule 1000 units of Vitamin D. Just some small tweaks, but we’ll see what the coming months bring. Methinks there are good times ahead.

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