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New Sidebar – a bucket list for preconception

July 10, 2012

Nothing wildly innovative about doing this. It’s pretty logical to write a to-do list before conceiving, but I think I have to express how happy I am that XY and I have come to this point.

We have vague goals! And some specific goals! And a realish deadline!

Seriously, though, the most important thing is the date. I keep coming back to the question of “when” and really, I just don’t want to push my biological clock too hard on the question of when to start trying to conceive. So my 31st birthday, and/or our second wedding anniversary a few months later, will be it. Which could be less than fourteen months away! Both of these are dependent on a third variable, the timing of the Grand European (but mostly Belgian) Beer tour. Which may be dependent on the timing of a family wedding in England. Either way, we really need to scrimp and save to get plenty of funds ready for purchasing airfare and necessities abroad, so we will have to change our savings strategy to be a bit more diverse (starting a travel dreams fund being the main thing).

The official roll-out of our new budget will be next month, once we hit $25K in our “homies” savings fund for our down payment. Fingers crossed for exciting times ahead, especially since we’ll also be hopefully spending a lot of time this year navigating the housing market, and XY’s fleshing out professional development opportunities to flex his salary muscle…stay tuned!

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